About Us

DataDoctor is a cloud-based data quality application that helps marketers to validate existing data, appending missing data and enrich with new data fields to improve marketing effectiveness.

DataDoctor can help you process your data cleansing needs via files, via our API or with our CRM applications (some available and some more are coming soon). This helps marketers to process XLS files that are received from conferences, inbound leads, syndicated content and many such sources. A marketing operations team with a technical resource can easily leverage the DataDoctor API as well to automate a suite of data validation tasks in real time or as needed.

With DataDoctor you can do a wide range of data cleansing tasks including:

DataDoctor is also highly cost effective and help you get started with a simple pre-record pricing model starting at just 5 cents. Get started today by signing up here.

DataDoctor is a business of Better, Inc. and is located in Silicon Valley in California.


Data Cleansing

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