Why Choose DataDoctor?

6 reasons to choose DataDoctor to get on top of your dirty data problem.



DataDoctor is the most comprehensive & addresses all CRM data quality challenges via a single solution.



DataDoctor is built with accuracy at its core and delivers unparalleled quality of data for B2B marketers.



DataDoctor leverages massive public data, social profiles and latest in big data technologies.



DataDoctor is 100% cloud-based and designed to scale to handle large volumes of data.



DataDoctor is built by a team with 10+ years of hands-on experience in B2B marketing databases.



We are fanatic about customer satisfaction and laser focused on solving your data quality challenges.

DataDoctor delivers exactly that and a lot more - it takes leads from conferences, events and webinars, converts them into a normalized form, validates to weed our bad data, and then appends and enriches the rest of the leads to deliver instantly actionable leads with full data completeness.

Problems we solve

  • Leads from conferences & events are un-usable
  • Leads from conferences lack email addresses
  • Leads from conferences lack demographic data
  • Leads from conferences need enhancement
  • Leads from events need cleansing at source

Benefits we deliver

  • Converts conference leads into usable formats
  • Validates & purges leads with invalid data
  • Validates email addresses & phone numbers
  • Appends demographics & tech install data
  • Provides an ongoing dependable process

Customers Love DataDoctor

Large and small companies both leverage DataDoctor to quickly gain control over their data cleansing
challenges and gain data quality without overheads. You can also start in minutes.

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