DataDoctor for Reactivation of Old Leads

Most companies have a growing database of "old" leads that have not been touched for a long time. This is a good and a bad problem to have. Good, because it is a big database of potential leads that you could market to and generate opportunities. And Bad, because it is not simple at that - sending emails or making calls to these old leads can prove expensive, problematic due to bounce rates and overall it can be ineffective at the end.

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DataDoctor for Reactivation of Old Leads is just the solution you need - it delivers a process of analyzing old leads, validating them to remove bad data, appending the rest with correct segmentation data to make these leads ready for a targeted re-activation campaign that is bound to deliver good results.

Problems we solve

  • Reactivating old leads can lead to hard bounces
  • Hard bounces reduce overall deliverability
  • Telemarketing old leads can be very expensive
  • Knowing good data from bad data is tough
  • With a systematic process, its bound to fail

Benefits we deliver

  • Validates old leads to purge junk data
  • Appends good leads with important data fields
  • Optimizes bounce rates & saves SenderScore
  • Validates phone numbers - better connects
  • Creates a simple and scalable process

Meet Our Customers

Large public companies all the way to small garage-stage startups leverage DataDoctor
to improve their marketing effectiveness & campaign response rates.

Customers Love DataDoctor

DataDoctor is regularly used by publicly listed large companies as well as small businesses, and we are proud to be trusted partners of B2B marketers globally.

DataDoctor has been instrumental in helping with our ongoing data cleansing process - its accurate, fast and cost effective.
Testimonial 1 Marketing Operations Director
Enterprise SaaS Company
DataDoctor solves the CRM data quality problem like no other solution I have tried and its a critical part of our marketing operations process. Its worth every penny!
Testimonial 2 Director of Marketing
Enterprise Software Company

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