5 Tips to Make Cold Calling More Effective

Cold calling is a process where a salesperson approaches prospective customers who are not anticipating the interaction. All these years cold calling was mainly done through telemarketing and door-to-door sales but today emails and messages on a social networking site can also be considered to be a part of cold calling. With innumerable marketing channels that have sprung up through the internet, it may seem that cold calling has taken a back seat. However, even today it remains as one of the most effective ways to contact and grab the attention of customers if it is done in the right way. Smart phones and mobile technology has given an added advantage to customers and they can very well shield themselves from unwanted and unidentified calls through mechanisms and applications that are just a click away from them. It is therefore essential that a cold calling campaign should be properly planned and executed.

Following tips help you understand the strategies for an effective cold calling campaign:

• Identify the target audience: Getting started at the correct level is extremely important for successful cold calling. It could be the higher level if that is the right way to market yourself. When cold calling is planned at very high levels, the telephone calls can be accompanied by in-person calling as well. This creates the perfect professional impression and works in the long run.

• Plan the correct frame of time: The availability of people is the most important criteria that you need to consider before you plan to make a cold call. You also need to give a thought if the person would be in a frame of mind to listen to you. Secondly, as a speaker you also need to be prepared to make the call more effectively. It is commonly observed that the best time for higher level decision makers is early morning between 7.30 a.m. to 9 a.m. when work is not geared up. For middle level executives, the time frame could be around 4.00 p.m. when the day’s work is winding up. Based on the type of industry, you need to select the correct time frame.

• Online research: If you have identified your targets but for some reasons you cannot get through with cold calling, then the internet is always the best option. If the customers have an advantage of the net, so can you. Social networking sites with a professional touch can be effective ways of communicating. You need to be careful not to violate the norms of confidentiality and should strictly avoid a personal approach.

• Research and planning: You need to extract all the possible information of the customer before you initiate the call. Similarly, you also need to prepare yourself for the possible lines of conversation and questions that can come up. Cold calling without doing the appropriate ground work can lead to a failure. It is ideal to include your team or officials in the cold calling planning as well. Teamwork always provides great support and helps you strategize your work.

• Initiate and follow up in the right way: The first cold call should always be professional, ethical and prospective for the client. The first impression always matters. If for some reasons, you need to re-approach, it should be done without annoying the customer. Pestering the customers with cold calls can only turn them away.

Thus it is important to understand the value of the cold calling concept in B2B marketing and take it up in the appropriate manner.

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