Advantages of Social Profile Data Append for B2B Marketers

Social media has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Considering the growing popularity of the social networks, business organizations are making their presence evident on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogging has also become a popular and effective trend to discuss about markets and products where customers and experts interact and share their views. Social networks provide the flexibility of managing marketing strategies for the business reps and the freedom of response for customers. Marketers can post the ads and proposals round the clock. If marketers do not have any information, you can append social profile in your customer database and use it at its advantage.  Similarly, customers are free to respond, delete or read the ads as per their convenience. Similarly using social media is cost effective.

Taking advantage of this social presence, B2B marketing organizations find it convenient to map the customer database with the social networking sites.

The benefits of this mapping can be listed as follows:

  • If you are new to the world of social web, the data append can give you a clue of where to start establishing your social presence.
  • Your sales and marketing teams can thoroughly research various avenues and methods by which the customers can be interacted with on the social sites and thus be able to generate leads.
  • You can categorize the types of prospects available on various portals and networks. This helps you understand their requirements and expectations. You can accordingly post offers and schemes on the respective sites.
  • If you review the data that is appended and sort it, you can understand the distribution of your customers on various sites. This helps you get in touch with your customers on multiple channels.
  • Understanding the social behaviors and inclinations of your customers helps you understand your prospects. You can then study these factors and then develop your strategies for lead generation, management or nurturing.
  • Business intelligence applications have also extended to social networking as well. Understanding the relevance of social sites, distribution of customers across personal and professional networks and utilization of this data based on the appended information provides good results.

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