And they lived happily ever after…….by unsubscribing!

On both sides of the fence whether as a subscriber or as a marketer, there is one thing, that has shaken our confidence in e-mail marketing. SPAM, short for Silly, Pointless and Annoying Messages, it has come to signify everything that is wrong with a system which is only a nameless, faceless mesh where countless people do countless actions by the seconds.

Like the saying that even before the village was formed, the robbers occupied it, Spamming too seems to have tried to take over the medium of the net even before it could fully open its wings to its endless possibilities.

The law seems to have finally catching-up with this menace with most countries formulating laws to put an end to it. Technology and old-world surveillance too are playing a role.

One favoured means being mandated by most SPAM laws worldwide is the system of employing a provision to “Unsubscribe”. In a normally secure environment, a request acted upon should take place immediately with things as the sender’s end being done in a maximum of 7 days. Additionally, there are things you can do to make this otherwise not-so-happy experience fairly happy, like

  • A special landing page for unsubscribing which asks in some details the reason for the request and thanks the subscriber for his business in the past (if any).
  • Where the e-mails from the marketer deal with more than one matter, there exists a possibility to exit from one or more matter instead of unsubscribing completely.
  • If the subscriber deals with a marketer thru more than e-mail ID, show each prominently at the time of unsubscribing to reduce the chances of any confusion.
  • Where the marketer deals with more than one product and likewise e-mails, ask the subscriber in clear terms which all are the subjects the latter wants to unsubscribe from or does the latter want to unsubscribe in total.
  • If the marketer has a presence on a social-networking site, the subscriber can be directed to this page instead.

Avoid doing the following:
  • Even after the subscriber opts to unsubscribe, e-mails being sent. Sure recipe to be declared a Spammer.
  • Long, winding procedure asking too many pointed or irrelevant questions.

Doing the above guarantees
  • A neat and tidy client list which may keep you miles away from a spam trap.
  • Ones unsubscribing shall respect the sender for not UN-necessarily troubling them and just might come back! And yes, they won't complain to the authorities that you are a spammer
  • Marketing campaigns shall be worth every penny spent because all the e-mails may hit bull’s eye!

From now on say good-bye with a big smile!

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