Append social profile intelligence to your CRM database

You might not know your immediate neighbor  but in all likelyhood know who all are your cyber friends half-way across the globe, courtesy social media sites.

Yes, our immediate environs may not interest us but what happens half-way across the globe may excite us! This is the power of communication which is only increasing with every passing day.

The social media now defines every entity represented therein whether individuals or corporate. Identities go beyond the mundane to include things like social status, like-dislikes, interests and details which can help define who we are as persons. These, if tapped into can give a wealth of information for marketers to provide just the right product(s) and/ or service(s).

How does one find information about which social media is being accessed by whom?

Quite simple.

Social-media append services + E-mail IDs.

Practically all the social media sites use e-mail IDs as login IDs. The latter can be uploaded into the database of the append service who then return with the other details like name, address, age, likes, dislikes etc of each e-mail ID holder.

The next obvious question is, how does the social media help marketers get more business?

Most marketers segment subscriber(s) by the their IDs (ie e-mail IDs) they use to access social media sites. By putting a page on the social media site, the marketer gets the attention of all those subscribers of his who use the services of a social site! Additionally, the marketer can also send mails to all his subscribers asking them to visit particular social media sites to keep track of particular activity. All this and more ON A REAL TIME BASIS! while sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals online!

How does this help?

Well, in addition to getting more publicity for products, it opens up the whole affair to a very public discussion which helps the subscribers know about the product thread-bare.

What are the issues arising out of social-media append services and how does one safeguard against them?

Like in the case of the e-mail append, here too there is a likelyhood that where it is procured from dubious sources, the details may be incomplete or plainly wrong. Also, it may give rise to privacy issues where the subscribers have not expressly opted-in to receive those messages. In these circumstances, getting messages which give details not expressly provided such as age, economic status, likes, dislikes etc may be construed as invading someone’s privacy.

The best way ahead would be to be discreet in these matters.

The next problem area is that social media can be hijacked by unruly elements bent upon creating ruckus leading to subscribers becoming averse to visiting such sites leading to loss of communication. The mediator in this case needs to be very strong and authoritative.

All in all, a great way to market products. Happy socializing online!

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