Appending and the art of focused marketing!

Marketing whether online or otherwise with incorrect/ inconsistent data is like shooting in the dark and still hoping to hit bulls-eye!

You may end-up getting B….S….. instead! and if you do not desist you just may be in deep sh..t! It is estimated that around 90% data of sales organization in the United States, a country known for its sales and marketing prowess is incomplete. Data collected from various means over the years is used to formulate strategies and send information regardless of its present status in terms of correctness.

Way out?

Use Append services!

The closest meaning of append is to consolidate, which in the case of on-line marketing means data from the customer’s end is appended with additional information available with the service provider.

Mind you, this is no simple mix-and-match recipe-making activity but a detailed process wherein data from the client’s end is used to figure out further information be it correct telephone number(s), address(es), e-mail ID(s) etc. It may involve cold-calling, visits, using the state’s ZIP code information to get a fair idea of location and then pursuing further with other means. In all, it is a pain-staking activity which can be of immense help to any organization’s data base given that these become redundant with time as things and circumstances change.

In addition to giving additional information like correct telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail IDs, these also help derive a pattern of responses of the intended target audience to either offers or campaigns in the past which can be of immense help in sending focused e-mails and/or campaign materials through social media. These even help with cold calls over the phone as one can, to an extent predict the recipients’ responses and pitch likewise.

Going forward, response to focused e-mails and campaign materials can also be extensively tracked and reported so as to help fine tune the same to get desired results.

The tracking can also be tuned to extract very specialized information like economic status in terms of wealth, income, credit scores, net worth, education, household utilities etc. These give very powerful signals regarding the individual’s status in society and consequent needs which can be tapped into to send information regarding special products and services.

In all, for a fairly small spending, appending does seem to be an innovative service without any apparent disadvantage.

So why not use it?

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