Are You Feeding Your Sales Team With Invalid Phone Numbers?

Dirty data is like dirty fuel for your luxury car. It will ruin your car in no time. So when you feed dirty data to your sales teams - for example if you ask your sales team to call on phone numbers that are not validated, then you are bound to waste the most expensive resources in your revenue generation machine. And not only that, sales reps get terribly demotivated and demoralized when they can't produce the expected results and if it is caused by feeding them dirty data, nothing can be worse.

The least that you must ensure for the productivity of your sales team that makes outbound calls is that the phone numbers of companies and / or contacts are 100% valid. Phone number validation can be quick and cost effective, and it can save you 100x of the investment right away. Plus it also help prevent incomplete, inaccurate and non-standardized data to enter the marketing database.

Having about 70% of the dirty (inaccurate / bad) phone numbers in your database is obviously injurious for your sales and marketing activities. That’s the reason many organizations don’t achieve the results they aim for.

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