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Benefits of Email Validation

As a marketing organization, a successful email campaign contributes a lot to your business. In an email campaign, the emails that get bounced or those that get stuck as spam affect the campaign negatively. There are many reasons for email delivery failures. Some of them being spam filters, dead email addresses and so on. When the percentage of such email failure increases, it can adversely affect the business of an organization. As a result email validation is significant aspect of any email campaign.

Email validation offers the following benefits:

  • Keeping a check on dead and fake email addresses gradually increases the rate of email delivery to the inboxes of the recipients. This in turn increases the probability of more clicks and the responses also increase over a period of time. A single click or response from the user can highly increase the chances of achieving a lead.
  • Invalid, fake and dead email addresses are a major threat to the failure of email delivery. By email validation, such addresses are detected and removed from the list. Thus the rate of successfully delivered emails increases. The validated email addresses also improve the business communication as it becomes more authentic.
  • Email validation helps you manage users who may filter your mails so as to avoid them and also help you to design messages to skip the spam filters. This helps you to deliver successful emails and thus give a cost effective business.
  • Research and observations have proved that email validation offers several other benefits as well. You can couple these services with other validation services like those of phone numbers, addresses and so on.  Consistent email validation also helps you improve the data quality on your website and indirectly contributes to increase the revenue generation and rise in business prospects. Nowadays you can avail email validation services along with other benefits that can add data related to geography and demography to your database.

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