Complexity Issues Related to the Cleansing of Dirty Data

It is possible that you may come across certain errors that are very minor and few. These may be things like an incorrect phone number of a client or an email that has bounced or some data that is redundant. It is then that you realize the necessity to get it right. However, when the organizational data is in a huge volume of TBs, it is next to impossible to sit and survey for such minute errors and rectify them at a go. Similarly, with a huge volume of data, such errors get magnified when it comes to business outputs. It is already acting in a passive way and affecting your business badly without you realizing these facts.

Dirty data in your system is similar to a virus infection. You do not understand the way it malfunctions until you start visualizing the effects. Also, when your database is complex and huge, these errors appear difficult to be eradicated. The problem could be data elements that flow throughout the database in your organization. With such corrupt elements, the errors are likely to spread and it is not an easy task to identify these sources and rectify them. Even if the source elements are identified, there is a requirement to identify the possible damage that they have done, understand the extent of that damage and to work on it.

The only way to prevent such a situation is to get to manage your database from the very early stage before it becomes too difficult to manage it. The professional approach is to prevent the entry of the dirty data into the system by locking up the sources. Resources that generate this data or those who are responsible to make entries into the system should be educated with policies and rules for database management. If you block the avenues where the dirty data gets into your system, it can allow your business applications to run smoothly.

Coming to the costs that these ventures may lead to directly or indirectly is also complex. The repairs and following updates that need to be done for issues related to dirty data in huge databases exceed the costs that are involved for regular maintenance and updates. Similarly, by the time you get aware and start working on the dirty data issues with your IT, the harm has already begun. The drawbacks like errors, redundancy, inaccuracy and inconsistency of the data start showing their impacts on your business.  This now becomes the responsibility of the business and the IT units who jointly need to cleanse the system. There are times when the complexities may be high to be managed and you need to outsource data cleansing which in turn raises the costs.

Thus if you perceive this lifeline of your business as one of the most crucial aspects and safeguard it from the initial stages, it helps you keep the situation in control. This helps you control the waste of time, efforts, money and also helps you keep your business on track.

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