Difference between Data Verification and Validation

Outcome of any marketing efforts or of a campaign by whatever means i.e. digital or otherwise, depends on the authenticity of the details of leads being targeted. Higher the authenticity of data, better the response and higher the chances of success.

Where the mind is set on rectifying the existing dirty data, the best possible option is to appoint an Append Agency of repute which gives overt guarantees of quick turn-around and all-round success. Besides performance, budgetary considerations too have to be looked into.

Most Append Agencies (if not all), employ the time-tested two-pronged approach to data rectification and cleaning, namely Verification and Validation.

Though they sound similar with both being uttered in the same breath, they are quite distinct with only the final objective being the same i.e, more business and revenues.

Verification is meant to ascertain the accuracy/ correctness of what-ever is stated, be it a name, a designation/ title, an address, a phone number, e-mail ID(s) etc. Depending upon what is being targeted to be appended, the approach may differ. For a telephone number, it may be a phone call; an e-mail ID may be checked by means of a test message; for personal details, the relevant state agencies may be contacted. The central idea is to verify that the details being furnished belong to a particular individual or entity.

Validation on the other hand is meant to check that the give data or information is in the correct order or format which facilitates further investigation leading to certain conclusions. Examples in the world of on-line activity include date of birth being furnished in a particular format, telephone numbers on an international level being mentioned in a particular format, zip codes being mentioned in a particular format and so on.

Both though not synonymous, are complementing in that validation assists verification.

Depending upon the matter being appended or corrected, the approaches to validation and verification also differ with the central theme of getting correct, valid, updated data to aid in marketing.

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