Direct phone numbers…inside sales’s greatest ally!

Ever been on a call where you were stuck at the board itself with an extremely rude and unhelpful executive? It could be infinitely worse where you call a number across the globe in an area unfamiliar with English and be stuck at the board trying to explain things to an operator who does not understand English?

These are some of the scenarios when your only hope is a direct phone number. Even in a distant place half way across the globe, it would be infinitely easier to try and speak to a CEO/ Owner than to a board which does not understand a word you speak.

Nearer home too, the same problem exists though with slight variations. The board may be very busy or even down or may be managed by one who morphs into a bouncer when it comes to connecting the CEO.

Your knight in shining armour? A direct line.

But, in most cases getting hold of this magical number is well, the stuff of legends! Not one bit easy.

Yes, there are those who mention their direct numbers on their visiting cards making life very, very easy for the inside sales guys. If only, the rest did the same! Since they don’t, the end result is a four-letter word. S-L-O-G!

But worry not. Help may be at hand.

  • Specialized paid directory websites which for a fee can give you the information you may look for.
  • Tweaking with the voice-mail systems. People in the know have a way of getting information out of a voice-mail system by putting information at the right places. End-result? You get the telephone number of the executive you wish to speak to.

These by no means are the only way of going about it. As you go along, you learn.

How does a direct number help?

  • The recipient, if a top executive heavily bombarded by sales calls, would certainly find the same better than dealing with something coming through a board!
  • It saves time, money and efforts. You deal directly with the boss with no pesky intermediary required.
  • In cases of emergency, this may be the only way out.

Happing calling!

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