Effects of Poor Data quality on Marketing Businesses

Dirty data in the marketing database can lead to devastating effects. Even a small typo in the database can lead to havoc in the marketing campaign if the word is that significant.

Each day due to incomplete addresses, incorrect names or incorrect zip codes we see heaps of marketing material such as flyers, leaflets, gets lost in the garbage. This increases the marketing cost in volumes, reduces the impact of a marketing campaign, and swells up the marketing budget. Most important of all such wastes that are generated can be hazardous to the environment.  For example, a marketing campaign specifically targeting a particular city can end up dispatching material to another city just if the zip code in their data base is incorrect. This ends affecting the company’s revenue, and even in some cases hurts the customer’s satisfaction levels as well.

An erroneous email address or an incorrect telephone number in the database can make you lose the customer. Nowadays you can also be fined hefty amount if you contact a person who is on Do Not Call registry.

Observe the following practices in order to make sure that your data is correct and accurate:

Data standardization

Define a structure for the data at an early stage. By having right structure in place, you can minimize the errors. Categorization of data is important in order to find the correct customers with several rules.

Avoid typographical errors and follow the rules

Typographical errors are the biggest source of incorrect data.  A small error can cost you a customer. Remember to implement a third party validation system.

Periodical validation

Periodical validation process helps you to clean up the bad data, removal of duplicate entries. Validating emails and contact numbers helps to build accurate data.

By following the above practices we can certainly make sure to remove any errors and make the database as accurate and correct as possible.

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