Emails that Give a Great Return on Investment

Email marketing is a significant aspect for any organization that deals in B2B marketing. However, just sending emails in large quantities is not sufficient. Every email campaign is assessed, analyzed and validated for the strategies that are adopted and for the ROI that they yield. There are numerous types of emails that are sent to the customers on behalf of business organizations. Various types of emails provide different results. Organizations work on various factors like formatting, content, subject line, keywords and so on to increase the productivity of the campaigns.

Given below is the list of certain types of emails that have the efficiency to give a higher ROI:

Educational Emails

Educational organizations send emails as a part of their promotional strategy. This is usually when they introduce a new course or when they announce an offer of a scholarship or each educational loan for a particular course. If the emails contain attractive content or if they lead the user to the correct links on the website, they prove to be very effective.

Special Wishes Emails

If you are sending personalized emails to your customers on occasions like their birthdays, anniversaries or special holidays, they are usually a welcome. Customers feel delighted as their sentiments are noted by you.

Event Related Emails

Emails related to events like conferences, seminars, webinars and others are usually taken seriously by customers. There is a special class of customers that is interested in particular services or solutions and is keen on attending the events related to them. However, there is another set of customers who may still delete them. It is advisable to provide an unsubscribe link to give them an option to opt out.

Business Affinity Emails

Customers may visit a website for the curiosity about products. If you can record the clicks that they go through and trigger an email providing them with more information regarding their interests, it may result in lead generation. However, these emails need to be more personalized and should suit the interests of the customers.

Order Status Update Emails

These are an extremely useful set of emails for the customers. Usually when they purchase items online, they are keen to know the details of the order. Apart from the e-receipt, if there is an email that provides details about the order number, delivery status, payment and other details, it becomes convenient for the customer.


These are not just a part of businesses but also constitute official and educational communication. Groups, communities and even blogs communicate their newsletters. The customers voluntarily subscribe to the newsletters that arrive in the inbox at different frequencies. However, the risk is that if the newsletters arrive too often or do not contain any engaging content, they may hit the spam box of the customer. Hence every mail should give an option to unsubscribe as well.

Apart from these, there are emails related to promotional offers, re-orders, announcement of sales and so on that gives a high ROI.

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