Enhance B2B database with Reverse Appending

You have developed a product which according to you would sell like hot cakes.

This needs to be marketed for which you have with you a self-generated/ purchased list of likely leads.
Put these together and viola! You should ideally make oodles and oodles of money online!

Well, it was put together and mailers sent to e-mail IDs and addresses you had in your “database”.

Result? A damp squib. Most e-mails and fliers came right back as the address they were sent to was either wrong or not authorized to receive any mails.
 What went wrong??

On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that most data that you hold so close to your heart is incomplete in some respect or the other. Some oft-repeated examples are

  • incomplete e-mail IDs
  • plainly incorrect e-mail IDs
  • e-mail IDs which reject messages without the presence of an alternate ID
  • person to whom it was sent has left the job and moved on without leaving a forwarding address

The above reasons are by no means the only ones and these can be sighted for telephones and brick+mortar addresses as well.

You are stuck staring at a white wall which seems to stretch endlessly in front of your eyes.

You almost make the decision to buy the entire database again when you are informed that there is a via-media. Reverse Appending!

Akin to catching a tiger by its tail and making your way to its head, it involves using the services of specialists who have humongous data bases running into millions of entries. The partial data that you provide is used to hunt out the rest of the details which are then entered into your incomplete data base and make it complete in every respect you desire. Reminds you of fill-in-the-blanks at school?

Besides the usual contact details like telephone numbers, e-mail IDs, addresses etc, where you so desire, you can get an entirely new set of information to start a new line of thinking- economic criterion. Details like income status, employment/ profession and grade, vehicle being used, education etc can also be appended to make searches more specific and accurate.

Need we say more?

Happy filling-the-blanks and looking forward to a robust, complete, integrated database!

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