Factors that Influence Data Segmentation

Email marketing is a program that has several aspects involved within it. The customers who receive the emails are interested in reading the mails provided the content is precise and relates to their interests. Similarly, marketing organizations who work on a complete email campaign expect the best rate of email deliverability when dealing with gigantic lists of emails.

The rate of achieving targets can be increased by the way of segmenting the data or here the email lists. Segmentation indicates sorting the email lists and then prioritizing them in aspects of better deliverable categories. There are several factors that decide the basis on which the emails can be segmented.

Some of them are:

Customer history

When you send emails, personalize them based on the popular existing customers, the dormant ones and the new ones. It is incorrect to use the same template for everyone.

Segmentation based on customer groups

You may have customer groups that avail particular services, those that purchase definite products and so on. Categorize your mails based on these criteria.

Demographic records

Factors like gender, location, age, sex are very important when you sort your email lists for campaigning. These factors are very characteristic for the use of certain products or services and you can decide your marketing strategy and frame your mails accordingly. For example, cosmetics can be specific to age and gender and you can advertise these products accordingly. Similarly health products are specific to age and gender in most of the cases. Though there are some products that can be used across all these factors, some can be characterized based on demographic constraints.

Significant or VIP customers

There are customers who are privileged and always been the cream of your business. They might be people who are consistently providing business to you or they provide bulk or significant turnovers in terms of business.

Though there may be several other factors that may be useful for your business in addition to those mentioned above, it is a matter of observation and analysis over a period of time. You can evaluate and analyze results and come out with better options. 

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