Great CRM Software - Do you have data to match?

Modern CRM software can be a boon to the Sales Force and sales Managers. With automated and customizable functions,  popular CRM’s like and Sugar CRM are every Sales Manager’s support system when it comes to planning and executing sales activities.

Imagine having  a modern Mercedes or BMW with modern electronics and technology incorporated, but only adulterated fuel to run on. The full potential of expensive technology and features available in such automobiles cannot be exploited and spurious fuel could damage certain critical parts leading to a breakdown.

Data used by a CRM system is similar to automobile fuel. Bad data can adversely impact the operation of sophisticated CRM software.

Import Procedures

It is a common practice to automate data imports into a CRM software’s database. Automation is great with just one critical consideration to be kept in mind-while productivity increases manifold with automation, defects can also multiply if data prepping precautions are not kept in mind. Spreadsheets and CSV files with thousands of records generated primarily by other software can contain a lot of spurious data.

Care has to be taken to ensure removal or at least flagging of bad data before importing  into a CRM database. Modern data management vendors can automate a lot of data import checks and cleaning activities before populating a CRM database.

Meta Data

Millions of records in a cryptic form that only a few personnel understand is of little use to the organization. Organizations that  put quality over quantity reap rich rewards. Arcane data results in cumulative expenses-when a call is made or email sent based on blurred data, wasted expenses can add-up to thousands of dollars. Long-term losses are more difficult to recover from such as being identified as a spammer owing to the random use of email ID’s frequently.

Data descriptions about data-metadata, add huge value and usability to your CRM data.

Data Stewardship

A proper owner of your CRM database has to be appointed and empowered to deal with personnel taking a casual approach to data management. Procedures have to be collectively worked out with the participation of all stakeholders. Rewards and penalties for good and bad compliance can help in a major way towards compliance with established data management and processing rules.


Standardization of descriptions and naming conventions, add speed to your data management operations, bringing in higher usability of your CRM database. Standardization adds clarity and universality of data interpretation, especially in an enterprise distributed across several locations.

A small investment and incremental maintenance activities involving a few hours of maintenance work every week can result in clean and usable customer data which results in the success of your marketing and sales campaigns.

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