Happy subscribers = Increased email deliverability!

You finally have a product which you think is worth selling and set about writing a beautiful script for your subscriber. If all goes well, this should convert into a sale.

It is only when you start getting bounce backs and bouncers from the ISPs and ESPs that you realize that all is not well and if you are unlucky enough, all may well be in the well.

This is a scenario marketer should ever have to go through. It destroys everything be it money, time, reputation and most of all the resolve to carry on.

Mentioned below is a list of dos and don’ts for the benefit of would-be marketers.

Words which trigger the traps into action.

SPAM traps latch on to specific words which if found mentioned in your subject line and/ or  body of the email will raise their suspicion and not just deem your communication as SPAM but even help prosecute you as a Spammer. ISPs, ESPs and certain websites like ContentChecket help you identify such words.
Use simple, uncomplicated and precise language to the extent possible to avoid these traps.

Engage the recipient

ISPs and ESPs like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo etc., monitor the percentage of mail you send and the response to it. Where your e-mails do not generate the kind of response as is expected, your rating as a sender is bound to get affected. Try making your e-mail(s) and matter therein interesting so that they do not end-up in the Spam or delete folder.  Instead they should be such that the recipient is bound to revert.

This is especially true where the recipient has given his consent and you send an introductory mail. Set the tone for what to expect in times to come, a brief of the services provided etc., so that the client genuinely looks forward to future engagements.

In this quest to engage the recipient, brand yourself well. Use your logo, emblem, punch-line etc judiciously. It is pertinent to use your company’s or product’s name in prominent places such as the subject line. Same goes for the recipient’s. It goes some way to keep your mails from being declared as SPAM.

Take a hard look at hard bounces

It means your lists are not clean and you are setting yourself up to be declared a Spammers. Two actions need to be done immediately. Contact your ESP and trawl your lists with a fine –tooth comb to weed out the undesirable- FAST.

Make it easy for your clients to do the following

  • Send complaints, feedback and suggestions: Either the recipient sends e-mails to the webmaster or the marketer dedicates space at a conspicuous location on the website for the same. Feedback on the same from the client, what-ever they be should also be acted upon swiftly to keep up the subscriber engagement.
  • Unsubscribe: Where the subscriber wants to move on and does not want to receive e-mail from the marketer, the facility to unsubscribe should be available- at a conspicuous location. This should be easy to accesses and should be acted upon by the marketer with reasonable speed and dedication.
  • Register changes: Mostly in the form of e-mails, these can also be in the form of pages where the subscriber logs in and does the changes to personal information of their own. There should also be the provision to indicate the frequency with which marketing e-mails be sent to particular subscribers.
These are but some practices which may go some distance in increasing email deliverability for your marketing campaign. With time you may come across more ideas. Results come with their implementation.

Good luck!

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