How CRM Data Hygiene Affects Marketing ROI?

CRM data hygiene is critical to the success of B2B sales and marketing efforts. Still sound B2B CRM data management and data hygiene is often overlooked in B2B marketing programs. Read on to learn how CRM data hygiene affects marketing ROI


According to Forbes personalization can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend and lift sales 10 percent or more. For more effective personalization, marketing people need to have in depth understanding of buyer. CRM data provides  detailed buyer information to marketing and sales people. This helps them to create more relevant and engaging offers. This kind of targeted messages and offers improves email deliveraibility by preventing email being treated as spam. Email deliverability is one of the critical factor to the success of email marketing. If CRM data is not up-to date and organized then implementing these personalization strategies will be tedious. For example if you CRM data consists of duplicates then your marketing messages get delivered to single person multiple time , this can create reverse impact of your personalization strategies on your brand by upseting the particular customer with multiple repeated messages. 

Customer retention

B2B marketers can increase their marketing ROI by engaging existing customers. Here the better business or customer relationship comes in picture. Developing better customer relationship requires B2B companies to pander customers in different ways. One way to do this is by providing them useful and informative content which can encourage them to interact with your brand or marketing teams. This naturally help in driving up your marketing ROI. But if CRM data consists of bad data , expired or duplicate data then it affects your customer retention strategies. For example if you CRM data consists of expired or outdated contact details of your buyer then your message might not reach to concerned person. In this case it become imperative for B2B coma pines to append contact for missing information and delete the old or outdated contact details. 

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