How Does Better Data Cleansing Help You Excel?

B2B database requires critical maintenance and regular cleaning. Then only it adds value to your marketing strategy and ensures success. A study revealed that almost 30% of your B2B marketing database decay every year. Maintaining and cleaning database should be on top of your priority list.

Effective data cleansing and verification is the biggest problem that businesses face while planning their B2B marketing campaign. B2B marketers have to strive through with people changing jobs, companies moving, inaccurate & incomplete data records etc. This is where B2B data cleansing plays an important role. Data cleansing is an effective way to check and correct flaws in your B2B marketing database like incomplete contact information, bad record, duplicate record etc. B2B data cleansing ensures that you always have up-to-date customer information and you will definitely get the most out of your marketing campaign.

For businesses to ensure marketing success the best thing is to improve and enhance their database through constant cleansing and maintenance activities. Or else it becomes very difficult to keep up with deteriorating database. In return you will face low response rate, low email deliverability, no peace of mind and obviously low ROI.

Still there are many people who question data cleansing techniques and strategies. They believe that B2B data cleansing, email append etc are ancient approaches which doesn’t work in today’s technology driven world. Where more and more businesses are focusing on social media and other means to get through their email marketing campaigns. Keeping all these factors in mind, below we have listed some points to show how better data cleansing can help you excel.

Here’s how better B2B data cleansing help you excel and the impact it has on your business

B2B data cleansing help reduce mailing costs :

When your B2B database has accurate and verified email contacts, you will notice a drop in mailing cost and increase in conversion rates.

B2B data cleansing help increase response rate :

When more and more emails land up in decision maker’s inbox ( and not junk or Spam folder) you will see an increased response rate.

B2B data cleansing ensure legal compliance

B2B data cleansing service providers take care of all “Can-Spam” rules and regulations. They are aware of what contradictions it may have and how it may affect their business.

B2B data cleansing eliminates duplication

A constant data cleansing and maintenance ensures that there are no duplicate records in your marketing database. You data is fresh, accurate and deduped.

B2B data cleansing improves accuracy

One of the most important issue that data cleansing deals with is, it removes bad data. Bad records are identified and eliminated from your system. Hence, improving accuracy.

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