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How Duplicate Data Affects CRM?

CRM data is foundation of B2B marketing strategies. It is used in every single aspect of B2B marketing strategies whether its inbound marketing or outbound marketing. So B2B marketers should be mindful about the CRM data quality, they should do everything to protect and maintain its quality. A thorough CRM data cleansing and data enrichment is the need of the hour to protect CRM data from duplicates, outdated data. 

Duplicates get into CRM data due to  various reasons like importing B2B trade show list multiple times,integration of two CRM systems,B2B buyer’s contact being added by different teams,channels like lead forms or third party lead forms.If you don't tackle duplicates into your CRM data then it will develop up to 20% duplicate records in a year. This affects your sales and revenue and brand reputation by sending  single marketing message multiple times to single buyer. This can upset your potential B2B buyer if he receives multiple  repeated messages from single contact.

Assessing CRM data is critical to understand how many duplicate records your CRM data has. Once you understand the number of duplicate data then you can take measures to remove  and control them from your CRM data. 

Manual deduping is one option to remove and control duplicate data in CRM. Manual de-duping is tedious and time consuming. There are  various third party services  and systems available in the market which can help in removing and controlling CRM data by controlling duplication at source through certain specific rules. This de-duping is not one time fix,regular de-duping should be done to keep CRM data healthy.

Here are tips to prevent  duplicate  into CRM 
1.Make sure trade show or event list only gets entered once
2.Develop data entry standards
3.Educate end users of CRM data about these data entry standards.
4. Schedule de-duping runs at regular interval.

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