How is Phone Verification and Append executed?

You have an important and crucial campaign coming up which guarantees to set the cash registers ringing! Wow,which means if all goes well and you get the numbers, you get a raise, at the least!

You set-up your agents with all the possible information in your data base and CRM and expect business to flow your way.

It doesn’t. Your agents in most cases come up against messages like…..this number does not exist….. or mobile number is on hold….. or a long beep leading to nowhere.

Your campaign we are sorry to say, may just turn out to be a damp squib…and your raise….anybody’s guess.

Don’t lose heart. This is not the end of the world. These things are bound to happen in telemarketing and activities where calling is required.

What does one do?

Look into Telephone Verification and Append services.

How does this work?

Most telephone verification and append services use all or any of the following means, namely:

  • Trawl through all the known data bases storing telephone numbers on a regular basis, called pass. Ideally each entry in the client data-base ought to be run through these data bases. Use of more than one data base simultaneously is something the better service providers do to get the latest information and obviate the chances of a miss.
  • Use the resources of the Government like the US Postal Services and National Directory Assistance (411 database) to get the most accurate and recent data on telephone numbers. Each and every entry may be run through this site to get an accurate data.
  • Employ special feature in their CRM to verify telephone numbers in real-time. This is something new in the industry and catching-up real fast due to its usefulness.
  • Most service providers work on a filtering system where data left behind from the first process goes into a second process. If they still do not add up, the national Do-not-disturb and equivalent lists are searched and in all probability gets resolved at this level.

These organizations themselves have rather complex algorithms in the form of computer software to track and trace telephone numbers very, very fast. The above lists and methodologies help sort millions of bits of information which may be telephone numbers in a matter of hours.

Going through the process your humble telephone number in its new avatar is no more a number. It is now transformed into a potent tool which if used properly will help you locate not only new clientele but also revive dormant and lost ones. After extensive correction, these have the power to give you the exact location of leads which may help you tweak your product and/or campaign to suit his/ her/ their sensibilities, ideas and resources.

Call with renewed confidence and grab the opportunity that awaits you!

For a change, ring, ring…..and…hellow…..!!!!

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