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How to Avoid Spam Traps?

It is extremely essential to avoid hitting spam traps not only for individuals but also for marketing organizations. Even if you feel that you possibly have spam traps on your list, it is possible to work on them and get them removed. In any case prevention is better than cure and you always need to assure that you keep yourself away from these traps.

Following are some of the measures that you can adopt:

  • Avoid purchasing or renting mail lists. When you hire or purchase lists of email addresses, you can get quantity but you are not sure if the addresses are valid. This can result in hitting a spam trap. You are also likely to receive complaints if there are recipients who get emails against their will.
  • Make a point to stay away from malicious addresses and role accounts. Sending emails or responding to such addresses can land your email account into a spam trap.
  • When you are getting new subscribers or customers through your websites or emails there are some things that you need to be careful about. Using the method of sending a verification or confirmation link to the subscriber’s mail address is a way of validating the email address. When the users sign up for a particular service or product, you need to introduce single or multiple captcha to ensure that it is a human induced introduction and not a bot. Similarly, you can send a welcome message to newly registered customers just to ensure that the mail address does not result in a bounce back.
  • If you suspect that you have a spam mail address in your list, along with deleting the address, it is also essential that all the people in the organization are communicated about this. This will prevent someone else from landing into the trap.
  • Observe the practice of keeping in touch with addresses where there is a two way communication. Those addresses that are dormant should be avoided.
  • Facilitate the process to unsubscribe. Customers who are not interested in being in touch may just discard the mail or mark it as spam if they cannot unsubscribe easily. This affects your marketing and your reputation. 

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