How to Increase your Email Deliverability?

Marketing organizations often find emails as one of the most effective ways of achieving their goals. As a result email marketing campaigns are one of the most important modes of marketing. Emails sent to customers need to be drafted with care and perfection. There are several other tasks too that need to be looked into to avoid things like hitting spam traps, managing the rate of effective delivery, developing and nurturing leads through emails and so on.

Here are some tips that can help you increase your email deliverability:

  • Update the address books. Have a periodic review preferably every month to ensure that the email addresses are updated. Take a call if you need to delete dormant addresses or keep them on hold. Also keep a check on newly added email IDs. Test and validate email IDs to ensure they are not spam.
  • In case you have decided to revive contacts with clients who have been inactive for a certain period of time, you can contact them with information that is related to topics of their interest. You can search the database for the links that have been clicked by them or the items that they have purchased.
  • Develop emails to be more personalized and professional. Marketing emails in particular should be effective enough to impress the clients. Avoid redundancy in content and rework on it periodically.
  • Just sending emails do not complete your tasks. When people open and read your email, the next impulse is to search you online. It is essential that you create your mark on the social networking sites and everywhere possible. If you do not have your own domain, book one.
  • Assess the performance of every email campaign. You can automate the process to calculate the leads achieved over a period of time. Along with the positive aspect, also review negatives like people who complain, unsubscribe or disconnect and try to figure out the reasons.
  • Hire professional help if necessary for achieving your goals. It can be in the form of email service providers or vendors who get you automated platforms installed.

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