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How to Keep CRM Data Healthy?

CRM data is one of  the valuable asset of organizations. CRM consists of customer and prospects information ,accounts,leads ,so it is very crucial to the organizations whether its B2B or B2C. This is the foundation of customer relationship. Keeping your CRM data healthy is crucial because it might affect your customer relationship management programs. Effective customer relationship management has large impact on your sales and revenue Here are tips to keep your CRM data healthy

Consistently monitor data quality

Monitoring your data quality consistently will help you to identify changes in CRM data quality. You can monitor data quality by doing  weekly scan of records to see if outwardly everything looks alright, a periodic email or contact sample check. You need to assign the responsibility of data quality monitoring and ongoing maintenance of data to specific people  Your sales people or marketing department  can also update you about the quality of data because they frequently use the data to call, email prospects or customers

Have a well defined data standard policy

CRM data is being accessed , used and edited by many people across the organizations. You need to have control over what data is entered, edited and how that data is entered or updated by defining  data standard policy . You need to ensure that end users of data of your company are educated on these defined data standard policy. This way you can standardize what goes into theCRM.,for example if one user enters contact names in the form of initials another enters them as full names then your data is not standardized. By having well defined data standard policy you can maintain the data standard of your CRM database.

Quality check at  your data sources

CRM data usually comes from various sources like  conference lists, whitepaper downloads, website form fills,purchased business contact lists, online ad clicks, business contacts databases and more. This data is directly uploaded into CRM without implementing stringent quality checks. If you perform quality check and filter out your leads outside CRM then quality data gets added to your CRM

Periodic append of missing data

Appending your CRM data periodically for missing data fields is necessary to tackle incomplete records. Tacking these incomplete records is important to run your marketing campaigns smoothly and effectively.,for example if your CRM data source is  a conference list of attendees with only contact names, job titles and phone numbers, and no email IDs , then appending data for email id is necessary to run your email campaigns.

Duplication checks

Having duplicate records in your CRM database can result in your analytics and reports reflecting false results so it has to be kept in check. So it is important to keep your data free from duplicate and redundant records. You need to regularly scan for these duplicate and redundant  data.

Check for expired data

CRM data is perishable asset and needs constant attention. Contact addresses,name, jobs ,change due to various reasons. Companies shut down or merge leading to change in their contact details. The more regularly you can carry out a check for expired data, the healthier your CRM will be.A database which remains  unchecked for an entire year can see as much as 30% expired data.

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