How to Maximize Sales & Marketing Potential with CRM Data Quality?

As a B2B marketer you need to be a 'data-driven' marketer to be successful. To be on top of it, you invest a lot in marketing automation tools, CRM systems and analytics technologies to improve how you collect, manage & leverage that data. You make all these efforts with a sole motive to understand and serve your customers better. But all these things are meaningless if you do not know your customer well and your CRM data quality is bad. Bad data will result into poor customer experience and will fall painfully short of buyer's expectation. On the other hand dirty data misdirects your marketing communication and drains your budget.

Many B2B marketers embrace the concept of CRM data hygiene & data quality but only a handful actually carry it through. In a survey, when asked about how often they cleanse / check their B2B database for accuracy & quality, 29% B2B marketing executives say "quarterly" and 27% "don't know", which is like really bad situation. There has to be frequent and periodic check to keep your CRM data fresh, accurate and up-to-date. Only then you can maximize your sales and marketing potential to its best. Bad data is a risk that you must minimize to maximize sales and marketing efforts. 

It is essential to ensure that data used in your CRM system is accurate, reliable, complete and without errors. Good data means good leads. If the leads are non-existent or of poor quality then what is the use of targeting them with campaigns? Managing high quality CRM data will help in better decision making & operations. 

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