How to Plan a Cold Calling Proposition

So you are geared up with the information regarding an exciting business proposal on behalf of your organization. Your day starts with the goal of shooting the maximum number of cold calls and also making them a success. How do you get started? How do you plan your cold calling campaign?

Here is a list of steps to guide you through your venture:,

1. Create a list of customers. The initial list may not be specialized; you can always sort it later. Just generate a list of customers that you can get from your resources.

2. Sort the list based on your priorities. Categorize the list based on high, medium and low priority customers. This will help you concentrate on your more prospective customers and will also help you manage your time by keeping the less important ones at the bottom of the list.

3. Once you have evaluated the list, extract the possible contact information of your high and medium priority customers to begin with. This information includes the business time, specific office and desk contact numbers and other information that you think may be useful. In case of higher officials, it is better to find out the first name, and some business related information. Always verify the contact numbers to avoid confusion and waste of time.

4. There might be intervening people or “gatekeepers” whom you need to deal with when you call up the higher officials. You need to be patient and persistent to get through them. Striking a good rapport with the gatekeepers facilitates you to get to the officers. In case of cold calling, it is always advisable to go ahead in the descending manner starting from the high level officers.

5. Before you actually connect to the person, ensure that you are thoroughly prepared with your task. Think over about the way and tone in which you plan to open the conversation and take it ahead. Always remember that higher authorities are short of time and you need to give your best in the stipulated time.

6. It is a good practice to ask a person if it is a right time to talk to. You may get connected at an incorrect time when the person is busy or not in the right frame of mind.

7. Always follow the telephone etiquette. Ensure that you are speaking to the concerned authority, follow the greeting norms, keep your tone and speech in check and sound modest. Put across your prospect or problem in the given time frame. Anticipate queries and answers and be prepared to answer them. If the officials sound convinced, you can also fix up an appointment for further talks.

8. In case of mid level executives, find out if they are the decision makers. You can directly connect with them if that is so.

9. In case your call is directed to a voice mail, leave a concise message for the listener. Leave a stipulated time to allow them to get back to you before you start calling them again. Do not pester them by frequent calls. This will direct the customers away from you.

In this way you can get going with your cold calling with poise and patience and with confidence as well.

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