How to Select Email Validation Vendor?

Due to internet the world of communication is changed. Most of the people maintain their regular communication through internet. Emails are foundation of B2B email marketing strategies. If emails are not validated then there are chances that it might not be delivered to concerned person. In this case all email marketing efforts go waste. Email validation is also important to prevent internet fraud. Most of the financial institutions ,banks perform email validation checks to verify authenticity  of emails. Email validation for B2B companies is extremely important to build business and customer relationship. There are many vendors who can help in email validation. Here are the key elements you should consider while selecting email validation vendor

Solution speed and accuracy

How fast validation results can be returned when they are requested is a critical factor. You can verify solution speed by asking vendor to share the results of system speed. Test.

Accuracy of generated result is crucial to data quality. B2B companies can improve their business interactions by choosing a vendor that can validate a larger proportion of email addresses .

Real time checks

Email validation can be broken into two parts 1) syntax validation: that is to verify whether email address is correctly formed2) Active validation: determining whether email address exists by performing real-time checks and transactions with each ISP. It is advisable to select email validation vendor offering active validation.

“Accept all” address validation checks
Some ISPs have accept- all address policy. They return valid response code if  particular email ID existed in the past ,even if it is no longer valid. Yahoo is the example of it.  Such email Ids will be of no use for B2B email marketing campaigns. Your email validation vendor should offer services to validate emails beyond such ISP, and their accept-all  address policy. 


It is advisable to verify email validation vendor's security accreditations and solution performance metrics to ensure safety and security. 


It is advisable to verify whether prospective solution can handle the volume levels and territorial deployments required by you. Verifying solutions scalability is crucial because B2B companies generally have large volume of contact data. Timely validation of this large volume data is important 

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