How to Utilize the Results Obtained from B2B Email Append?

B2B email appending helps you get working email addresses added to your database. There are vendors and third party services that help you out with these tasks. All you need to do is to send the existing customer data that you have and they provide you with the email lists in a quick turnaround time. This can help you generate and nurture leads and also get a great ROI. However, once you get the email append results for your B2B market there are few things that you need to consider as well.

  • When you receive a list of the email append data, re-verify and sample the results that have been obtained .It shouldn’t lead you to hit a spam trap.
  • Do not expect overnight success. Similar to your existing mail lists, this list may deliver immediate performance or may take some time to deliver. Continue by evaluating the success rate.
  • For any email campaign, there is some percent of bounce and complaints to be expected. Though appended results can give you a good success rate when you validate the list initially, there might be cases when the email addresses have changed or the customers have lost interest. Always work on the email content that goes for the marketing purpose.
  • Follow business ethics by respecting the privacy and integrity of the customers. This holds true especially in cases when your services require your customers to provide sensitive or personal information like passwords or date of birth for any of the service.
  • Provide complete freedom to your clients and customers in case they need to join or unsubscribe from your services. The process should be simply and as good as just a click.
  • Overall the B2B email appending gives you good results. As long as you follow the rules and ethics of email marketing, the lists that you obtain from the appending help a great deal in your marketing campaign.

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