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Importance of Email Validation

Email communication has become one of the most important aspects of business communication. Except for the data that is mandatory as hard copies, most of the communication occurs through emails. Business organizations connect with their clients through emails, finance related organizations communicate about their information through emails and marketing businesses generate and communicate with their customers through emails. As a result, validation of email addresses is extremely important. Any miscommunication, bouncing of emails or security issues can have a direct impact on the business.

Email validation is a process where in the email addresses in your list are validated for authentication with the help of certain software. This helps to ensure that the email addresses are not false and the clients can be communicated here. Similarly, you can set up filters and detectors to validate the email addresses of people who send you mails. Another aspect of email validation is the strategy of framing your emails so as to escape the spam filters. You can set your email content in such a way that it does not get into the trash box or spam filter of your customer. This is also done by automation.

As a business you can also set the email validation process for the visitors who visit your website and fill in the data. When the user enters the email address, a verification or confirmation link is sent to the email address. This link needs to be clicked by the respective user in a stipulated time interval which is usually 24 hours or it may vary. If the link is not clicked in the given time interval, the registration is cancelled. This process helps you to get in touch with customers who genuinely want to avail your business services. These validated emails then become a part of your database.

Email validation also helps you stay away from fraud emails and email addresses that may intent to post or send objectionable or malicious content.

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