Indications that Point to the Possibility of Hitting a Spam Trap

You may be very particular about avoiding hitting spam traps but you often wonder if you have mistakenly hit a spam trap or if you have a possibly of getting into one. If you secretly wonder so, there are some indications that you can check on. These factors point to the possibility that you may getting into the mess of being marked as a spam.

If you have contacts who have registered on your site but not have been involved in  email communication, it’s time to review these contacts. If you have been engaged in emailing these contacts, stop this with immediate effect. Even though these contacts are new, it is quite possible that these dormant contacts can lead you to spam traps.

If you have purchased an email list and either you or any one from your organization is using it without performing an email validation, it is a huge risk. It is time to get the list validated. So put the email communication for those addresses on hold till you validate them.

If you have got into an act of reviving old customer contacts that have been dormant for a long duration, it is again a possibility that you may hit a spam trap. If you ever decide to revive the contacts, validate them before reusing them.

If you still need to ensure that you are safe, you can check on some more issues. Check out for the delivery rate. If you feel your email deliveries are stooping low, it is sign of warning. Also, if you are not able to see a rise in bounce rate in spite of low delivery, there is a possibility that you have been marked as a spam. Similarly, if you have started observing a low in communication from your customers, there is a chance that there is a problem in the email campaign and one of the reason could be hitting the spam trap.

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