Necessity of a Social Media Audit for B2B Marketing

Social media is an effective mode of communication for B2B marketing organizations. Information about the company, products, services and related updates are posted by several organizations on various social networking sites. It is assumed to be the easiest and the most cost effective way of communication and gaining more audience. Blogging is also one of the effective method of social networking. Posting product reviews, blogs and articles can gain you a class of readers.

However, things may not work out as expected every time. In spite of trying to create a social presence on most of the prominent social sites, you may not always gain attention from customers as expected. As a result, social audit comes into picture. This process involves reviewing your social presence, trying to plan the correct methods of developing it and keeping a track of your progress.

There are few steps that you need to take into account when you plan a social audit:

Decide on your aims and objectives. Social media presence does not mean posting blindly on all the prominent sites. You need to plan what are your goals and which are the social networks that can help you achieve them. You also need to plan the posts and updates and their frequency on these sites.

You need to study and analyze your audience. You can begin by study and research of various sites and the posts and responses on them. This gives you a fair idea of the expectations of your customers and the topics to which they are sensitive and responsive.

Even as you socialize, you need to keep up your competency. As you review your own social progress, you also need to observe the ways your competitors progress in the social circle. This helps you define your goals and also helps your develop strategies to achieve them at a faster pace.

You need an efficient team that will plan and maintain your social presence. This can include creative writers, graphic designers and information developers. These members are well conversant with processes related to the social media and they also make a point to keep the status updated.

So if you are trying to make a mark in the social media but are not able to achieve the desired results and responses, you need to think about a social audit. All these points can help you achieve much more when you adopt social networking as a marketing strategy.

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