Relating B2B Customer Data with the Social Media Information

Business is now no longer confined to websites and domains. It is spread far and wide across the social networking sites. Just as customers have their profiles and data on the social networking sites, so have businesses expanded their network too. Websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and many others have become an effective media for interaction between professionals.

Social profile data append also gives a boost to the B2B marketers as you can now easily append your existing customer database to their related information on the social sites. This enables you to connect with your audience across multiple channels and in multiple ways. When you map the customer information with their social network presence, you can come to know various factors like their location, interests, lifestyle, social circles, and affinities and so on.

Appending the social network profiles of your customers offers a lot of advantages in terms of B2B marketing. However, there are certain ethics and rules that you need to observe when utilizing this data. In case of social networking sites, some of the sites are meant for professional interactions while some are entirely personal. Most of the customers may opt to confine the personal information strictly related to the personal circles. You may get references of demographic and individual information of customers through sites like Facebook. However, you need to utilize this information for business prospects by honoring the security and privacy of your customers.

You can append the social profile data at regular durations or do so with a low frequency. This depends on the existing amount of the customer data that you have and the way in which you utilize the appended data. If your business has an active presence on the social networking sites, business becomes smooth and convenient. Rather, appending your customer data this way gives you a better idea of expanding your business across social networks.

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