Ring, ring, ring……….this number does not exist!

Result? Wasted time, money and efforts…..and zero result!

For anyone fresh in sales and marketing, the telephone line is the lifeline.

Losing a date in such trying times is easier to handle than losing a business proposition in the form of a wrong phone number!

All the talk about technology has still not been able to dislodge the doughty phone from its perch. It sits there firmly in the knowledge that a call can make or break a deal and deals make a sales organization what they are.

Despite advances in technology, the human mind is still most comfortable listening to another one at the end of the line and this can be more than a reason why businesses still heavily regards this medium as important.

Now imagine a situation where your data base which is substantial, has phone numbers which are incorrect i.e. those which do not connect. Can you see yourself accessing and sending e-mails or using social media the way you use your phone? In most cases, NO.

Either you get the phone number right at source which can be internal to your organization or you engage someone to take a tooth-comb and correct it entry-by-entry.

The first option is most sought-after though you cannot do much where the prospect either has a new phone or the numbers have changed due to extraneous reasons. The second is something which a Phone validation service provides does. Based on your data, a search is made at the PV’s end for a right match which is then physically validated by either a call or a visit or in any other form to get a confirmed validation. The correct phone number is then appended to your data base.

It is an extremely useful service at a fraction of the cost required to procure fresh data. In addition, it has other useful features like validation of the rest of the data based on the phone number to see if the person holding the phone really exists and his economic status in the place that he resides.

A valid phone number goes a long way in increasing business as a call can result in a lot of action culminating in a deal or a referral or information regarding the service or product being sold.

Still not able to connect? Time to go in for phone number validation!

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