Setting off the alarm with…..! SPAM filters and reduced deliverability

Sitting in a shack somewhere in a war torn Western Africa is one man who sets up his BOTNET to trawl the multiple layers of the net and get him the most precious of all Net Marketing resource; E-mail IDs to send his message which may contain viruses, hacking programmes or may simply be an uncalled for irritant. There are two specific actions taking place; one, based on the word(s)s, a sea of E-mail IDs are captured from various forums to which the words relate and second, a standard, mail with pre-set details are sent to all these addresses without concern to the recipients’ privacy. If the recipient responds, more e-mail ID through their address books. If not, it hardly matters.

At the recipient’s end, and in fact before the message reached his inbox are the SPAM filters, the sleeping giants with long tentacles which sense specific words in each message and stop those they thinks may be a SPAM.

E-mail messaging has thus become a fight between the black and the white. If only it been that simple. Reality is far from it. Spammers, given that they have been at it for some time, alter words and get past the filters. Getting stuck are the inadvertent marketers whose messages somehow contained those dark words.

What then, is the way out?

Simple. Most ESPs and ISPs refer to a list of key words, phrases and symbols as being those used liberally by Spammers. Know them, and stay miles from them. Below are some more points.

Words to be avoided:

Free, Mortgage, Credit Report, Penis, MLM, Money-Back, Cash, Anti-Aging, Amazing, Increase Sales, Order Now, 1-800, SEX, Enlarge etc.

Writing styles to be avoided:

  • ALL CAPS in the subject line.
  • No name in the From part of the mail.
  • Use only confirmed e-mail addresses instead of trying various combinations

Symbols to be avoided

  • Exclamation marks (!!) used too often in the mail. Avoid even a single one in the subject line.
  • Currency signs like $ in the subject line.

Colours to be avoided

  • Bright colors like red, blue etc


  • NEVER send a message that’s all graphics and no actual text.


  • If you need to use these words, or any of the other SPAM triggers, try sending a simple text- based e-mail explaining that an important message awaits their attention at URL
  • Use a strong SPAM checker on your email before sending the same.
  • Shared mail server can be “Blacklisted even if one of its users is deemed a Spammer. If that happens, you too face the heat for no fault of yours in which case you may have to migrate to a new server. Once your ISP/ server is deemed a spammer, any mail from your end to anyone anywhere in the world would automatically be termed a SPAM.
The above list is by no means the only things to be looked into. With time, experience and knowledge gained over time, one can create e-mails which can avoid antagonizing the spam filters.

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