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Social Profile Data Append

Social media is here to stay. The activities of individuals and organizations on social media generates real and usable data that can be used effectively in marketing and CRM activities.

Data generated by individuals and organizations in the social media is fluid and changes with time. For the data to be usable for meaningful CRM and marketing activities, social media data for an individual or organization has to be current.


This fundamental class of data conveying the individual’s professional status, location, age and family structure is vital to marketing and CRM activities. Demographics are tightly correlated with product and service requirements for individuals and corporations. Availability of updated information is necessary to make sound marketing decisions and create CRM events that have a high level of acceptance with the target customers.

Behavioural Data

Personal and professional interests, affiliations to groups and organizations and lifestyles can change dynamically. When used with demographic data, behavioural data can provide vital information on what keeps the customer going. Based on this information marketing organizations and professionals can create marketing campaigns which result in high levels of acceptance from the customer owing to a strong connect with the customer’s real needs.

Behavioral data has to be current. There is need to constantly append customer behavioral data in the CRM database for marketing companies to effectively use such data to increase revenues and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Online Behavior

In addition to social behavior, and understanding of the customer’s recent online behavior patterns is crucial to future selling and CRM activities. Collection and chronological maintenance of online behavioral data can contribute immensely to successful marketing or CRM activities.

Friends & Acquaintances

‘Show me a man’s friends and I’ll show you who he is’ is an old saying. The connections with friends and associates can provide valuable clues on an individual’s interests and tastes. There is a good chance that one of his friends or online associates is an existing customer of  the marketing organization increasing the chances of sale through referrals.

Current social media data are highly correlated to successful sales. Not just the separate bits of data but the interrelationships between demographic, behavioral, online and social connections data also contribute to usable predictive modeling of future social and purchasing behavior.

In a fast changing world, current social profile data can make the difference between who sells and who does not. It can also make a huge impact on how much prices are discounted-better relevance means better margin realization against each sale.

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