Social profile intelligence for CRM database

When social networking has become a trend today where it has been dominated by the young and the old and has been used for personal and professional reasons, businesses cannot stay away from them. These facts also imply to your customers as well. You can easily track your customer’s profiles by accessing their profiles on the social networking sites.

There are several tools and third party vendors that help you deal with the business intelligence related to the presence of customers on the social network. The easiest way could be when you have detailed information of their twitter handles, names of their blogs, LinkedIn profiles etc. Furthermore to save this information, additional fields can be added to save this information. Even without any access to these credentials, you can very well view the business profiles online, and view their latest posts, tweets, shares and also connect to them through just a click.

Social profile intelligence is a type of business intelligence that helps you connect with your customers beyond the barriers of professional communication channels like emails and phone calls. It is a formal communication in an informal way. You have sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at your disposal. Other than that there are several new sites that are making their names in the list. Social profile intelligence not only helps you get data about your customer’s business interests and relations but also helps you understand their social interactions and relationships.

The various tools help you create a setup that is user friendly and helps you set up your customer’s profile and view their information from social media sites. Moreover, the existing platforms also help you in generating leads and lead conversion with the help of the information that you possess. This can also help you expand your contacts and also extend your sales pipeline. Though applying the social networking tools may involve some cost, once implemented it proves to be cost effective.

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