How Does E-mail Intelligence Help you Grow Business?

Intelligence in a way depicts knowledge and information. Knowledge of people’s habits and attitudes is of great help to marketing. Agencies worldwide are always on the lookout for information which depicts this knowledge which if used correctly can get one an increased amount of business and consequent income.

One important piece of information which can get us this knowledge is the e-mail ID. Get the correct one and see your business soar.

How does one acquire this intelligence?

Over time, any entity in any line of business can acquire this information. The essence here is time, which unfortunately everyone is short of.

What then?

E-mail intelligence sources.

Mostly as an adjunct to other data services, it help you in the following ways:

  • Where you have existing e-mail IDs, it can help you append other contact details. The process is called 'Reverse Email Appending'. Besides, it can also help in gathering information about the holder of the email ID(s) such as physical details, economic status, likes and dislikes etc., which can be a gold-mine for an email marketer to provide the exact product or service.
  • Where you have existing e-mail IDs of some vintage, these services can bring them up-to-date by searching their data base of by connecting with the party.
  • Provide e-mail IDs afresh. This, though very, very appealing can lead to problems if the provider of such e-mails is far from genuine. Ranging from e-mail bounce backs to blacklisting, anything is possible. One should tread this path very, very carefully.
  • E-mail as an append can help track subscribers area-wise to know their economic status, things they own, aspirations they harbor in terms of FMCG product, type of accommodation they own, traveling habits etc., These come in handy to dispurse the right kind of product to the right type of likely clientele for the best possible results.
  • E-mail intelligence can also bring out a list of subscribers who have into hibernation which depending on their levels, can either be revived or dropped completely. In the case of the latter, it helps avoid hard bounces and likely SPAM traps and likely black-listing at a later date.

Intelligence = Information = Business

So, Intelligence = Business

So, more the intelligence = more the business

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