SPAM Traps and their Disadvantages

Spam traps are tools or more commonly they are email addresses that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or anti-spam organizations use in order to identify, track and trap email spammers. Email spammers are illegitimate emails or emails that do not observe good data quality. For any marketing organization that usually practices email marketing, it is very important to stay away from spam traps.

Spam traps are usually of two types. The true or pure or pristine spam traps constitute the email addresses that are designed exclusively to identify spam mails. If you happen to send an email to one of these addresses, you immediately get marked as spam and once you get hooked to his category, it creates a negative reputation as a sender. These addresses are at hidden locations on the web and a sender getting trapped in this trap gets a drop in the IP reputation and the mails from such a sender and blocked.  Recycled spam traps are those email addresses that are dormant or inactive and are used by ISPs as traps. If such an address happens to be a part of your email list and you deliver an email to it, you get a bounce or delivery failure notification. This is an indication where you should remove the address from your list. In case the action is repeated, then after certain duration, your name gets added to the spam mail list.

Getting caught in a spam trap can have serious consequences on your business. Especially getting caught in a pure spam trap is much more serious than a recycled spam trap. If you hit a pure spam trap, you’re IP and your domain can get blocked and your mail delivery drops down drastically. Getting back to business can take a period of around 6 months to one year. In case of a recycled trap, your email gets marked as spam and is directed to the junk folder. In case you continue with the error of sending emails to this address in spite of getting a delivery failure notification, it indicates a poor data quality practice and finally gets you marked as spam.   

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