Spamtraps…and the art of hunting!

Spamtraps could be like landmines. Step on them.. and….you may just be alive…just.

Thankfully, most Spamtraps are put in place by folks who want to trap the spammers …in the act.

Would you want your letter box (remember, they are still around, at the end of your yard!) to be filled with junk which barely of any use to you. Wouldn’t you feel like throttling the chaps who put the stuff in there? SPAM is quite similar. They come unsolicited and they come in bulk completely swapping the other important messages in your inbox.

Besides the normal SPAM filters, SPAM traps are something which are put in place by the good guys to make the bad guys make the mistake of sending a mail. And then…all hell breaks loose!

The idea behind the SPAM trap is fairly simple. Either use an inconspicuous existing e-mail ID as a decoy or create one. Keep it under surveillance for the spanner to approach with confidence and do what they do best. The moment an e-mail arrives unannounced, pin the spammer down noting the IP address and put him in the slammer.

What if a genuine guy gets trapped ? Well, innocence of ground facts should not be an excuse. Everyone has a right to privacy which to the extent possible should be observed by all, including online marketers. That being the case, a double-opt in confirmation for list sign-up is the way. Just because one has prepared or procured a list of likely clients does not mean blind message be sent to one and all. Doing so would some time or the other involve stepping on a land mine. The rest, as they say, would be history which at best, teaches you in hind-site. A painful proposition indeed.

Instead, why not use the slightly longer but safer way of getting a recipient’s express confirmation to receiving e-mails? Use it and stay away from traps.

Happy hunting!

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