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The Advantages of Appending

Most organization during its existence manage to cobble together a data base of leads whether from own sources like sales personnel, referrals, recommendations, past sales or outside agencies. Put together these may seem a sizable numbers which if put to use in the correct way may bring desired results. But hey, want a sec! Whoever said the data is complete?? Approximately 90% of such data bases in the US are far from desirable in that there exist very obvious mistakes and oversights like wrongly mentioned e-mail IDs, incorrect telephone numbers etc. Most data relating to purchases may also not be updated making such figures and details completely useless to formulate any strategy for marketing and sales.

For most organizations, even the physical location of a lead or a client may give an idea of who the latter is and what may be their attitude towards certain products, services and offers. Data existing with a marketing firm may be incorrect as the same may not have been updated to reflect the latest situation.

One is then left with three options, namely,

- Create own data base afresh, or

- Buy fresh data base from providers in the market, or

- Get the same cleaned thru an append service provider

The first option ie creating own data base takes time and patience which may be in short supply if you are a new entity and want a list of leads at the blink of an eye.

The second is what most organizations do. There are data providers galore in the market who give you the information you are looking for with varying degrees of assurances depending upon your pocket size and their reputation.

The third is a service which involves dealing with your existing data base to make it relevant by removing mistakes, oversights and changes having taken place due to reason like shifting our, transfers, job leaving etc. Incomplete data relating to names, places, addresses etc which render data unusable are taken care of from the service provider’s humongous data bases.

In addition, data appending can call for inclusion of economic criterions thus making the available data fit for knowing more about the target audience and making relevant comparisons either within their peers or within an area.

Some of the advantages of appending are

- Get clean data with complete integrity and verifiability: This is a major advantage where a new campaign is being planned.

- Your campaigns go off with a big bang and give you the required boost in terms of reach that you always looked for with minimum of bounce-backs which not only wastes money but is also demoralizing.

- Additionally, your old contacts and leads which did not respond due to incorrect or insufficient information may just come back to you when you send them feelers.

- With a robust, updated marketing data list with multiple channels, you can approach leads and prospects by various means and not be restricted to only traditional means which besides being ineffective and slow, may additionally be expensive.

- By selling yourself through multiple channels, you take care of competition by being a step ahead. Also, the chance of a hit is much higher where forms of communication are varied. Presence thus gets enhanced.

- Appending services are quick to respond and as compared to buying whole data, a lot cheaper. In addition, by approaching on multiple levels, your chance of getting a hit is much higher than depending on one means. By appending, you get a lot of information at a fraction of the cost.

- Appended data can be used in activity other than traditional marketing. Reports can be generated area wise, income wise, age wise, sex wise etc which can be worked around to give patterns previously not known or not acknowledged which all the same can come in handy to understand trends and plan strategies accordingly.

These, by no means are the only advantage. As you use these services, you will appreciate its usefulness.

Append, Apply, Appeal!

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