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The power of…..LISTS!!

Ever been shopping groceries without a list? What do you find when you reach home?

It is mighty possible that half of what you bought was not needed. Worse still, half of what was really, badly needed never got home!

What went wrong?

Simple. You lost track! Instead of concentrating on needs, you concentrated on wants. Time wasted, money wasted and efforts wasted.

How do you avoid this?

Again very simple. You use a list!

Why? How does a list help?

It concentrates your attention on what is most required and helps you get into action at the spur of the moment. Making a list means you are sure your efforts need to be concentrated only into certain areas and not beyond. What is on the list is paramount. The rest can wait.

If you are a marketer, more specifically a digital marketer, you cannot possibly function in the absence of a list. For you, the most important list would be that of subscribers and buyers due to whom you are where you are! This is the list which guarantees your bread and butter (and possibly jam and caviar!)

Lists these days are a big activity in itself with specialized services preparing them. If the service provider is reliable, you get A-grade material. In addition, you even find lists which can be shared with others. One name in one list thus gets a multiplier effect and is figured in many places. They also come in various formats which can be useful to a lot of people.

Ideally, one should create one’s own list and try to send it to as many people as possible. List floating like these are a great source for online marketers.

Lists in the social media context need not be a humongous 100 lines affair. One can have lists as short as five lines with a catchy heading line like “Five best virus-scanners you never knew” or the likes.

To make lists and circulate it is not only about information but is also an art where information is included in a very catchy way so that any reader finds the same very interesting, informative and useful.

So, if you have already formed lists, happy implementation.

If not, happy compilation!

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