The relevance of delivery point validation (DPV)

Want the girlfriend to leave you and can’t seem to find an excuse? Use the time-tested way…. send her letter and birthday cards to a dead-letter box and keep up the charade of concern!

Repeat this as a marketer and your business heads the same way as your girlfriend. Don’t want that happening? Well, go for DELIVERY POINT VALIDATION services!

In its most original form, DPV was an initiative of the United States Parcel Services (USPS for short) which was initiated in the year 2007 when the latter deemed that every CASS Certified postal coding solutions perform DPV. Where once complied with, the same cannot be bypassed or disabled and in fact it indicates whether the address mentioned on any matter is a valid POD for the USPS. The earlier methodology involved giving only broad details of an address and did not give specifics.

Besides mapping every nook and corner of the Unites States, it has resulted in a +7% addition to the quality of service. Essentially, it confirms the existence of a specific address (down to the apartment or suite number) and whether or not mail can be delivered there.

The DPV results can be segregated into three possibilities, namely

  • The address has the correct primary and secondary data
  • The address has the correct primary but not secondary data
  • The address cannot be validated

These then make it crystal clear from the very onset whether or not mails can be sent to an address.
As regards, new-age marketers, since cost and quality are two of the main considerations which govern their working, it is all the more important that they take extra precaution to validate the contact addresses of their subscribers. DPV is thus the way out.

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