The Science behind the Concept of Cold Calling

Cold calling has been considered as an effective method of lead generation by the business representatives. The sales persons are usually bombarded with a target achievement and also pushed by increased figures in the number of cold calls. Since the incentives and job prospects depend on these targets, these representatives start with a blind race of making more and more calls. However, just increasing the number of calls is never sufficient. What matters most is achieving the business prospects through each call that is made. Instead of making 50 fruitless calls a day, it is better to achieve business through 35 calls. Thus quality matters more than quantity.

Cold calling is an art in itself. The caller needs to research the prospects of the call, analyze the situation and time frame when the call is made and also needs to be prepared mentally to represent the prospect in an attractive manner so as to convince the listener to accept it. All these things are possible only when the caller gets some space to plan and execute the calls. Similarly, every successful call boosts the morale of the salesperson and they are inspired to achieve higher targets without being forced into it.

The logic behind cold calling says that the higher number of calls indicate more opportunities for business. However, the actual science behind this puts more stress on the fact that the pre-planning for each call and the way in which it is executed makes it a success. Extensive research is being done on various aspects and the science behind this skill and this fact proves that t is very much valued in the business scenario even today.

The art of cold calling is not mastered in a day. It takes a practice, research and experience to master it. Experience is an important factor that governs the art of cold calling. Each call is a learning experience for the person and they can work on the flaws to make the future experiences better. However, good interpersonal and communication skills always provide an added advantage in this field. Thus a newbie can still score higher targets than the experienced reps in some cases.

Along with the pressures that the sales reps handle, there are several other factors that govern effective cold calling. Today cold calling is no longer the same as it was a decade ago. With the advent and expanse of the internet and a lot of smart devices coming in, this task has become more challenging. The audience today has become technology savvy and is aware of the existing business scenario. As a result the marketing skills of the reps are put to test. Similarly, the smart gadgets give a lot of scope to block and avoid cold calls. Thus logically, the sales people need to groom themselves in different ways in accordance with the technology. They can no longer be confined to traditional methods of cold calling. Social networking provides a whole new arena of information resources that can aid in making cold calling more effective.

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