Tips Related to CRM Data Standardization

CRM or customer relationship management database is normally updated by the entire sales force of an organization. CRM is extremely important for all the teams that work on customer facing issues. However this can lead to several errors as multiple users enter data in various ways.  Data duplication, entering same data differently, use of abbreviations, entering data in all capital letters are some of the errors that corrupt your database.

To avoid these types of errors and make sure that data entered is correct and accurate, one must define the standard rules to enter the data. Several types of small but significant errors can be made while entering the data. These errors appear very negligible but can cause havoc at some time. For example, there could be spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors while you enter the names, addresses and other basic information of companies or customers. If you follow some basic rules, the basic mistakes can be avoided while entering the data.

Here are some of the basic steps you can follow to avoid these mistakes:

  • Prior to entering the data, please make sure that no duplicate entries exist in the database. Data duplication should be avoided. This will have a huge impact on marketing campaigns. To ensure this, always conduct a systematic search before you enter any new data.
  • Do not put the company’s legal structure e.g. Pvt. Ltd., Corp. Only mention the company name.
  • Do not mention any short form for the company name; spell it in its entirety.
  • Never capitalize all the letters. Only capitalize the first letter in all the fields.
  • Keep away from entering salutations (e.g. Mr./Mrs.) while entering contact names.  
  • As far as possible enter entire contact name e.g. first name, last name etc.
  • Apply local standards for address fields.
  • Never use short names while entering street names, buildings, suite number, shop numbers etc.
  • Always mention the city names, states in its entirety, do not use short names. This becomes useful while searching for state wise or city wise data.
  • The contact numbers, contact names do change over a period, so it is essential to always update contacts numbers, email addresses periodically.

These are some of the rules that should be used for standardizing the database. Everyone involved in entering this database must make sure that each record is updated completely.

These basic rules can help in big ways to make your database clean and consistent.

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