Tips to Avoid SPAM Triggering Words in the Email Subject Line

In any professional email, the subject line is equally important as is the content. Every sender needs to verify the subject line for accuracy in grammar, language, clarity, use of the correct terms and typos. This is essential not only for a professional approach but also to avoid any misconceptions and misunderstandings that can lead your email to be directed to the spam or trash box. Many a times a spelling error can lead to a misunderstanding.

The basic rules related to every other email apply to the marketing emails as well. You should avoid using ALL CAPS in the subject line; avoid making the line too long. Use of an incorrect tone in the subject line also creates an incorrect impression on the user.

There are certain words in each domain that can prove to be spam words for the email. This can make your email a spam hit or the user may misinterpret the mail and direct it to the spam folder. In some of the cases, the spam filters directly filter the mails with these words. In some other cases, the users can have a misconception with these words. For example the word Free can actually be a top rated word for several sales related emails. This is true provided you have other factors like proper HTML, working links and good content in your email. Else the word Free can take your email to the spam folder.

Other words like Work from Home, offer, weight loss, extra income, remove and so on are words that can create a risk of spam hit. When you decide to have any such words in your email, it is important that you work on the content and structure of your email to make it work.

Other than these words, you need to research and study words related to other domains to ensure that you do not hit the spam. There are words related to finance, general category, employment, commerce, sales, marketing and several other domains. If you need to work frequently on emails with varied content, you can bookmark certain lists and refer them when creating subject lines. Similarly, if you do need to use these words, you can analyze the delivery of your emails and verify yourself if your mails are working fine. Last but not the least, these words can also cause similar effect if they occur as a part of the main content if they are not used in the correct way. Hence avoiding spam triggering words is an important aspect when you write business emails.

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