Top Tips for Managing Email Hygiene

Email list hygiene tops the list of best practices of not only individuals but also of marketing organizations. Other than the tasks that automation software perform for your organization, there are certain basic things that you need to look into to keep your email list clean and healthy.

Some of the tips for email list cleaning are as follows:

  • Delete invalid addresses: Invalid email addresses often cause your mails to bounce. Instead of constantly getting a failure delivery message, it is advisable to delete such addresses instantly. In case of businesses, if these email ids are a part of the mailing list, this may adversely affect the communication at some stage.
  • Remove non-responding email addresses: There are some email addresses who are enthusiastic repliers only for a couple of initial emails while some do not take the trouble to reply ever. Such email addresses should be deleted periodically. You can either save these addresses in some other document if you think they can be considered later.
  • Dealing with subscribers: It is a common practice today where subscribers to your services or websites receive a confirmation link once they enter their email address. They need to click this verification link within a stipulated period to prove that the email is authentic. This prevents malicious addresses and contents from getting into your system.
  • Dealing with role accounts: When you received mails from addresses that begin with info, services, support and so on, they are default replies or addresses that you need to approach for a specific task. These are not person specific email addresses. You cannot understand the authenticity of these email addresses as there is hardly any two way communication involved. For business, it is better to have person specific email addresses for contact.

It is important to consider all the points mentioned above in order to maintain a clean email list. This is beneficial in several ways. It reduces the possibility of the spam complaints. The email do not get bounced and work fine as a result of which the business productivity improves. Once the email communication is streamlined, it gradually has a positive effect o revenue generation as well. It also removes the issues that arise due to dirty data.

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