Top Tips to Activate Non-engaged Email Readers

In every email campaign, there is a class of audience who has been non-responsive. This lack of response may be from the initial phase or it may crop up during any particular time of the marketing approaches. Every time you plan to conduct an email campaign, it is essential that you validate your database for the list of customers who have not been responsive. There are certain strategies that you need to adopt for such customers in order to take an effort to get them to respond to your mails.

Given below are some of the strategies that you can attempt:

Work on the content of the email for these clients in a different way. If you keep sending the same standard templates in each marketing cycle, it is quite possible that these customers may already have marked your mails as spam.  Make changes in the forms, links and images that you send across. Induce rich content that can actually sound beneficial to the customers.

If your email has offers, rephrase a different email to the non responding class. Make the offer sound and look more attractive and tempt the passive audience to read the mail. The catchy content can automatically take them to the website.

Inactive subscribers who have been passive since the beginning are a matter of concern. Run a check on the validity if these email addresses and other contact details that you have. You can contact them for ask them if there are any updates in their contact information. You can even consider sending them a link to update their profile.

Rework on the relevant details like subject line, headings of the content and even the address in the From field. All these fields are known as the stimulator as they lead the reader to take the initiative to open the mail and read it.

If you are following up with contacts that have repeatedly been non-responsive, you can try sending a button that guides them to a link to update their profile. There are cases where the customer is interested in getting back to your website but finds it time consuming to visit the site and search for forms or links to update the information. If the process of updating profile on your site is a lengthy one, rework on it to make it more customer friendly. Several customers avoid updating profiles just because the process is tedious.

Lastly, if you do not succeed in re-activating these contacts after repeated attempts, you can consider sending these customers a personalized mail asking them if there could be better ways to connect with them. If they do not respond, you can go ahead and delete these profiles.


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