What are the factors responsible to make or break e-mail response rate?

For every organization working in B2B sphere, it is very important to analyze reasons why their email response rates are low. Once you have those reasons, the next step is to act on it. think of ways to overcome it and take necessary measures.

The major and most important variables to play around are mentioned below.

1. List: The quality of the list is a primary driver of email campaign performance. If you have a bad list, your response rates are bound to be worse. You might have heard about some of the 'Bad-data' statistics. You can not really compromise of the quality of the list. It may or to be precise, it will fail you miserably.

Industry experts say that working with a bad list is worse than shooting in the dark. You probably know that but you still buy some cheap low quality lists because that is all you have budget for and you are pressed to send out campaigns in hopes of generating leads. Open your eyes. Cheap lists are not going to cut it. To ensure a good response rate make sure that you build a role based contact lists, title based lists that specifies and defines your target audience. reaching right people is the goal here.

2. Deliverability: Right people is one part, reaching them is another. It sounds simple – you send an email, and the recipient receives it. How we wish this could be true. Spam filters, security filters and such others have make delivering an email a complex combination of science and art. While this means, good intentioned marketers now face real challenges in getting their emails delivered, without these we would all be left with unusable Inboxes full of spam. So to ensure that your email gets delivered is your next priority. This means that you must work with a email marketing provider, marketing automation vendor or an email service provider that has high deliverability rates guaranteed. This will ensure that deliverability is as high as it can get and it becomes less of a factor that affects your overall campaign response rates.

3. Content & Interestingness: The final aspect that affects your email campaign response rates, and one that is completely within your control, is the quality and interestingness of the content of the email. And it all starts with the subject lines and ends with the content within the email. Sales centric emails perform badly and no matter what you write, your response rates will be low. The content that performs well is the one that appeals to and intrigues the recipient with its informational and educational value. Its important that you understand your prospects well to be able to create and cater content for their needs. If you hit the mark, response rates will sky rocket.

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